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Gallery Wall Ideas - The How to Guide - Hutsly

No, creating a wall display is not just about putting up any random pictures on a wall! It’s not called a Gallery Wall for nothing people! There is method to the apparent madness. You need a plan is what we’re saying! A 2-steps plan in fact: first we’ll look at the general structure, the concept if you will, and then of course the theme. So let’s dive right in:

I - The Structure

When creating a gallery wall, we often make the mistake of starting with the style we want to go for. It is the exciting part after all so we’ll forgive you for that but for a truly striking wall display, you must first think about its general structure or concept. You have quite a few options but let’s take a look at our favourites:

Structure 1 : No Structure

Gallery Wall Ideas - No Structure - Hutsly

The first type of structure : no structure. A little word of caution here, without structure it is more difficult to get a good-looking wall so you do need to make sure that you are very focused on the 2nd step, the theme, otherwise you will just have a mess on a wall! But if you are against the neatly aligned pictures, the perfect grid and the scientifically calculated symmetry, then go for it!

Structure 2 : The Big Mix

Gallery Wall Ideas - The Big Mix - Hutsly

When we say Gallery Wall the first idea that pops in our mind is the collection of prints, pictures and paintings but no one said you had to stick with 2 dimensions and images! You can choose to mix in some other elements like mirrors, wall sculptures and trophies, maybe even include some wall sconces (lights) or paint the wall itself behind your pictures. We do keep saying it but there is no limit to your imagination!

Structure 3 : Matching Frames

Gallery Wall Ideas - Matching Frames - Hutsly

One very good way to tie in your wall display regardless of the theme you choose, matching frames will make it all fit together. They don’t necessarily need to be exactly the same design or the same size (though that’s one way to do it): you could also go for one colour of frames only for all your pictures, even with slightly different designs they will still look great together.

Structure 4 : Colour-match it !

Gallery Wall Ideas - Colour Match - Hutsly

This can again be applied to different looks or styles and can be made really interesting. A collection of blue prints or all-white art for example. Monochrome gallery walls have a big impact when well done. But colour-match is not just about one colour only, how about a display wall with the bottom half in navy blue art and the top half in a lighter shade of blue creating an ombré effect? Or a left and right divide? Or maybe just pastel colours? Or primary colours only à la Mondrian? You choose!

Structure 5 : The Pictures Ban

Gallery Wall Ideas - No Pictures - Hutsly

We talked earlier about adding some other pieces like mirrors and wall sculptures but how about having ONLY those elements? Think about a display wall made only of mirrors of different shapes or showing only wall lights or wall trophies? Now you’re thinking creatively! Make your wall an Art installation, think outside the box, go nuts! How about some of these for a start:

Gallery Wall Ideas - No Pictures Product Suggestions - Hutsly

From left to right : Collector Edition Cluny Soft Toro. Round White and Gold Mirror. Antique Gold Oval Mirror. XL Round Metal Mirror. Sailor Grey Soft Deer.

II - The theme

We got to the fun part! I do hope you didn’t skip the first section! Go back up if you did! Unacceptable! Anyways now that we know what structure we’re gonna go with for our gallery wall, we can finally start playing with the style. There is an infinity (and a bit more) of themes you can for, from “Chairs of the 18th century” to “Famous dogs” or “Kings of Europe which name doesn’t contain the letter E” (too specific?), it’s really about what floats your boat but here are some we love:

Theme Idea 1 : Wall Abstractions

Gallery Wall Ideas - Abstract Art - Hutsly

If you’re not into dogs, people, landscapes and other too-real things, lose yourself in the wonderful world of abstract paintings and prints! Here are some abstract prints that would look great together:

Gallery Wall Ideas - Abstract Wall Art - Hutsly

From left to right : Night on the Rocks Art Print. Day on the Rocks Art Print. Jeweled Terrain Art Print. Electric Garden in Pink Art Print. Electric Garden in Blue Art Print.

Theme Idea 2 : The Portrait Wall

Gallery Wall Ideas - Portrait Wall - Hutsly

We didn’t say “Selfie Wall” though... That being said, although it is not ok to have one big picture of yourself on your own wall, it is more socially acceptable to have one medium-sized picture of yourself amongst many portraits of family members, friends, or just old paintings of complete strangers. And you can still see your beautiful-self... Otherwise, go for one of these:

Gallery Wall Ideas - Portrait Wall - Hutsly

From left to right : Adaeze Art Print. Frida Canvas. Steve Canvas. Audrey Art Print. Poolside Art Print.

Theme 3 : The Curiosity Cabinet

Gallery Wall Ideas - Curiosity Cabinet - Hutsly

A collection of the bizarre and the wonderful, we love this idea of the Curiosity Cabinet in which you could incorporate shelves of animals in jars, scientific drawings of beetles and beautiful feathers all at once. The weirder the better! What about these for example:

Gallery Wall Ideas - Curiosity Cabinet - Hutsly

From left to right : Skull Canvas. Resin Painted Ibex Head. Black and White Soft Zebra. Cowboy 5 Canvas. Aluminium Wall Antlers.

Theme 4 : Beach this is Coastal (no pun intended)

Gallery Wall Ideas - Nautical Wall - Hutsly

Intended many many times, achieved only rarely, the nautical theme can quickly fall into a decor cliché so avoid the picture you took last summer of that crowded beach and the “I Love You” written in the sand pictures too... Go for more interesting art pieces, maybe mix in some framed blue and white striped fabric or fun lobster prints. We love these for example:

Gallery Wall Ideas - Coastal Wall - Hutsly

From left to right : Fish Zig Zag Framed Print. Tropical Fish Framed Print. Bondi Lake Canvas. Palisades Canvas. Rio Canvas. El Castillo Canvas. This Way Canvas.

So here you go! And if you have created your own gallery wall do send us pictures at, we’d love to see what you’ve done. We promise we won’t judge!

Oh and one last thing: wall stickers are not ok. They’re ugly. You can’t have them anywhere, they NEVER look good. Just no. Thank you.

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