Patio designs: 5 ideas to outshine the neighbours

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Patio Designs - 5 ideas to outshine the neighbours - Hutsly

The Joneses have got new garden furniture; and they’re bragging about it. Of course your competitive self is thinking: “I could do better”. But decorating a patio, a backyard, a porch, a balcony or a terrace is no easy task and you may be lost for ideas. Where to start? Right here! We’ll tell you exactly how to make the neighbours think the grass is greener on your side of the fence. In fact, the greenest they’ve ever seen!

Patio Designs Ideas to outshine the neighbours - Hutsly

Outdoor decorating is much like Interior Design so the principles that applied indoor can be used outside too. Your first step will always be: decide what you are aiming for. Are you trying to make your patio more relaxing? Or more inviting and social? Or would you like a fairytale garden, mysterious and wonderful? It can all be done!

Patio Design Ideas to outshine the neighbours - Hutsly

Once you’re set on your goal, continue the process by thinking about a specific theme or colour palette you would like to go for. How about a blue and white Mediterranean patio for example? Or a colourful Mexican siesta area?

Having gone through those two simple steps will make it much easier to choose the garden furniture and the decorative accessories to go with them. And for this part we’ve got you covered! Let’s have a look at some things you could add to give your outdoor space a makeover!

1 - Make it relaxing

Relaxing Patio Design Ideas - Hutsly

It could be an area just for yourself at the back of the garden or a part of the patio that you would like to turn into a cozy space to sit in and relax with a book and a fresh iced tea, wrapped in a warm throw for those more chilly evenings; wherever you want it, your relaxing space should be tailored after you and only you. It’s a treat you have deserved and this one is not for the Joneses, though you are sure to impress them if you use these:

Relaxing Patio Design Ideas - Garden furniture and accessories - Hutsly

From left to right (click on links to see on website): Orange Jace Outdoor Cushion. Globo Garden or Indoor Hanging Chair in White. Cotton Diamond Throw in Orange. Italian Plum and White Solitude Outdoor Rug. Large Vintage Metal Lantern. Set of 3 Honey Boho Handmade Glasses. Natural and Blue Rattan Diabolo Side Table. Pink Hand Painted Metal Tray.

2 - Make it an alfresco dining heaven

Alfresco Dining Heaven - Ideas - Hutsly

If you are known for your hosting skills, become unforgettable by turning your garden into the most dazzling outdoor dining experience in all the land! The key here is to over-accessorize to give it that bohemian look that makes it all come together. So mix in different chairs, different lanterns and hurricane lights, trays, glassware and plates and don’t forget to cook! That’s what they came for after all, but maybe not all they will remember! A few things to get you started:

Alfresco Dining Heaven - Product Ideas - Hutsly

From left to right (click on links to see on website): Natural, White or Black Rattan Bruno Chair. Orange and White Psychedelia Outdoor Rug. Set of 3 Natural Tealight Holders. Rosarito Pink Dining Chair. Flamingo Porcelain Bowl. Set of 3 Boho Turquoise Handmade Glasses. Beetle Side Plate. Black Arabian Nights Indoor Outdoor Pouffe. Round Enamel Roaster. Set of 2 Matte Pressed Glass Votives. Patara Juniper Wood Bench or Table.

3 - Make it social

Social Patio Design Ideas - Hutsly

For those evenings of outdoor entertaining, after or before the BBQ, you might want to sit back and have a few drinks and snacks with your family or friends (or the neighbours to show off a little!). Both functional and relaxing all at once, the social area will need two basic elements: sofas and armchairs with comfy cushions and a coffee table to put everyone’s snacks and drinks. And to finish the look: some stools or ottomans and a big outdoor rug. How about these:

Social Patio Design - Product Ideas - Hutsly

From left to right (click on links to see on website): Talamanca Natural Esparto Sofa. Yellow Nirvana Outdoor Rug. Brass Stool or Side Table. Tall Antique Copper Glass Lantern. Salmon PInk Ceramic Tray Table. Orange Rattan Chair. Octagonal Glass and Brass Hanging Terrarium. Saona Esparto Natural Square Pouffe. Orange Arabian Nights Outdoor Bench. Pink and Cream Nirvana Outdoor Cushion.

4 – Make your front porch inviting

Front Porch and Balcony Design Ideas - Hutsly

This also works for balconies and small terraces and is a great way to create yourself a nice outdoor space to spend time in when you don’t have a big garden. Having a rocking chair in here is pretty much compulsory and we will accessorize with a cute side table, a lantern and a patterned rug. Here is the shopping list:

Front Porch Design - Product Ideas - Hutsly

From left to right (click on links to see on website): Orange Decorative Mat - 180 x 90. Natural, White or Black Rattan Marlene Rocking Chair. Peach and Sheesham Wood Side Table. Hanging Hexagonal Brass Lantern. Tangerine Xenos Outdoor Cushion. Dark Blue Decorative Mat - 180 x 90. Herringbone Sofa or Bed Throw in Blue Cotton. Large Saladina Esparto Basket. Natural and Grey Rattan Diabolo Side Table. Condesa Yellow Rocking Chair.

5 – Make it a Siesta temple

Siesta Temple - Patio Design Ideas - Hutsly

Has all the socializing made you sleepy? Nap time it is then! Get in the hammock, close your eyes, listen to the chirping of the birds, and rest... And if you want to kill two birds with one stone (not the cute chirping ones though) get a tan at the same time by lying on a beautiful lounge chair. A lemonade on the side (or a G&T we don’t judge) and you’re all set for an afternoon of farniente:

Siesta Temple - Patio Design Ideas - Shopping List - Hutsly

From left to right (click on links to see on website): Dark Pink Decorative Mat - 180 x 90. Calaluna Esparto Natural Sun Lounger. Set of 3 Boho Blue Handmade Glasses. Cappucino Brasil Hanging Chair. Dark Violet Decorative Mat - 180 x 90. XL Rio White Cotton Handwoven Hammock. Cobalt Lael Outdoor Cushion.

Please note : lots of our products are available in different colours and we have a much bigger range than shown above so to shop the whole Outdoor collection click on the image below:

Garden Furniture and Ideas - Hutsly

And if you feel like you need more inspiration, head over to our Outdoor Pinterest board for lots of ideas:

Patio and Garden Design Ideas on Hutsly - Pinterest Inspiration

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