Interior Design: Becoming a Styling Ninja !

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Interior Design : Becoming a Styling Ninja - Decorating Ideas - Hutsly

In this article: life-changing, mouth-watering, expert-approved styling tips, inspiration and decorating ideas for your home sweet home, whatever your Interior Design style!

Interior Design : become a Styling Ninja - Home Decor Ideas - Hutsly

Getting home decor ideas can be daunting. But the real struggle? Getting the idea you have in your head into a full working scheme for your specific space. Looking at inspiring pictures in glossy magazines or on Pinterest you might be left thinking: this is beautiful but it would never work in my space! Or worse: I thought this would work in my room but the results are not quite what I saw on paper... So what makes those beautiful rooms look so appealing? In two words: expert styling!

Interior Design Styling - Becoming an expert - Hutsly

It is the one common thing about beautiful shelfies cinemas sets, luxury pads and country cottages photographed in magazines: the styling is spot on; from the colours chosen to the scale and placement of every object, a real science! None of it is random and follows simple rules that are easy to adapt to your needs. Shall we dive in?

Styling Tip Number 1 Do it from scratch - Interior Design - Hutsly

An advice that would have saved a lot of rooms from looking blah! Whether you are styling a room, a bookshelf, a bar cart or your bedside table, go back to its rawest form, naked and empty! Only leave what is absolutely necessary in your room: the sofa and TV can stay but any pillows, throws, books, lamps, knick-knacks, frames, husbands, kids have to go! Why? Your current styling is influencing you big time so you may be tempted to re-arrange things but the best thing to do is to start from a blank canvas, it will be much easier to see the potential!

Styling Tip number 2 Your Way is the only way - Interior Design - Hutsly

We’ve said it before and we will keep saying it every week: make your home more you! Whatever trend or style you are into at the moment: make it fit with who you are, with how you live, with how you want your home to feel. If you like two different styles don’t compromise: find a way to have both in one place. Mixing styles can bring real interest to your space! So have a think and decide what direction you want to take. And if you are lost for inspiration, go out of your way to find some! A good place to start: our articles about the top 10 Instagram influencers to follow for interior design inspiration and the other one, the top 10 Pinterest accounts to follow for inspiration.

Styling Tip Number 3 Start with the end - Interior Design - Hutsly

It’s probably not that counter-intuitive if you think about it but starting your styling by the pieces that will have the biggest final impact is what professional stylists would do. Those bold, big, colourful things whether they are bright furniture, oversized wall art or bold patterned curtains, will be the base of your styling and we will be decorating around them. Think of everything else as the cherry on the top, the small things make the room alive but the big ones will give the tone.

Styling Tip Number 4 New Styling doesn't mean new things - Interior Design - Hutsly

The loved, the found, the magical, the ugly and the emotionally-tied objects all have their place in your newly-styled room so long as they are one of the above! We all have a ton of things that accidentally landed on our shelves, side tables or desks so now is the time to think about each of these things and decide if they have their place here. You might also want to regroup things that used to be in different places to create a striking display; if they fit with your original idea then you have our blessing!

Styling Tip Number 5 - 1 plus 1 equals 3 - Interior Design - Hutsly

Don’t think of each part of your room as an individual element: it would be easy to style a bookshelf without thinking of what’s around it but the beauty of professionally styled interiors is how it all ties in together. A styled side table will add something more to a styled sofa for example so the results add up to more than the sum of their individual parts! It might be beyond science’s scope but the results will be beyond your expectations! So remember to always think about how to coordinate each part, either by keeping the same theme or the same colour palette or simply by placing objects and furniture in an interesting way.

Styling tip Number 6 Update Repeat - Interior Design - Hutsly

You’re done with your styling, your room or furniture look fabulous and you’ve had a big “Voilà!” moment but how long ago was that? A big part of styling is to keeps things interesting so you might need to review your room once in a while to move things around, remove objects, add some details etc And even in Interior Design trends come and go if you want to keep your room feeling fresh and new, stay updated! A good place to start? Our article about the top Interior Design trends of 2016!

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