7 Steps to a Boutique-Hotel-style Bedroom

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7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

A room we spend nearly half of our lives in, the bedroom is not a space you want to be neglecting! And of all the bedroom styles out there, the Boutique Hotel one rules them all! Why? Well why do you feel so great when you stay at a hotel? (Despite not having to make the bed...) You are staying in a beautifully decorated and cozy room that screams luxury and comfort. And getting that look at home is very much possible, in fact it’s quite easy! You just need to consider things step by step and make yourself a little moodboard like this one:

Moodboard - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

1 : Sky Blue Kensington Bed Frame. 2 : Mingling Flamingo Painting Art Print. 3 : Facto Copper Table Lamp with Glass Shade. 4 : Aqua Gold Ceylon Marble Cushion. 5 : Blue Bone Inlay Bedside Table. 6 : Charcoal Lena Armchair. 7 : Chartreuse Hand Stitched Cotton Velvet and Linen Quilted Bed Throw.

So let’s consider each important aspect of a boutique hotel bedroom:

1 – The bed or headboard

Of course this is where you will have to start! It will become the star of your space so no cutting corners here! A majestic headboard will give the tone to your entire room so all that’s left is to choose the style you want to go for. Here is a little selection from Hutsly:

Bed frames and headboards on Hutsly - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Blog

1 : Mazagon Esparto Double Headboard. 2 : Granadella Juniper Wood Headboard. 3 : Natural Rattan SIngle Bed or Sofa. 4 : Grey Kensington Bed Frame. 5 : Grey Brooklyn Ottoman Bed. 6 : Wheat Prague Bed Frame. 7 : Antique Silver Mirrored Headboard.

2 – The textiles

Because it will take the most visual space in your room, the textiles, and especially the cushions and the bedspreads/throws, are the second thing to get right. One word of advice here: mixing patterns is a skill that not everyone is blessed with so plain cushions + patterned throw = yes, patterned cushions + plain throw = yes, patterned cushions + patterned throw = warning!

Cushions Bedspreads and Throws on Hutsly - Bed & Bath - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Blog

1 : Chartreuse Cotton Velvet and Linen Cushion with Feather Pad. 2 : Dip-Dyed Jade and Orange Bedspread. 3 :  Rectangular Acid Abstract Cushion. 4 : Patterned Sofa or Bed Throw in Yellow and Green. 5 : Square Viatmine Pineapples Cushion. 6 : Navy Blue Haestingas Ikat Cushion. 7 : Herringbone Sofa or Bed Throw in Blue Cotton. 8 : Indigo Tie Dye Bedspread. 9 : Rectangular Borealis Abstract Cushion. 10 : Blue Kantha Bedspread.

3 – The lighting

When do you spend most time in your bedroom? My wild guess is: in the evenings and at night. So with the lights on, it is not an option to have dull-looking lighting or “cold” light. Lighting is great to make a big impact and set the atmosphere too so make it stand out: colours that contrast with your theme or very large lamps are what you need to go for!

Lighting - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

1 : Facto Small Copper Wall Light. 2 : Tara Honey Glass Pendant Light. 3 : Facto Tall Copper Wall Light with Shade. 4 : Magda Antique Brass Cut Out Table Lamp Base. 5 : Etosha Wood and Metal Table Lamp Base with White Shade. 6 : Chelmsford Antique Silver Pineapple Table Lamp Base. 7 : Large Tara Turquoise Glass Table Lamp. 8 : Facto Copper Pipe Table Lamp.

4 – The bedside table

The only word of advice here is: be creative. Who said you had to look for “bedside table” to find a bedside table on the Internet? Maybe your bedside table should be a chest of drawers, maybe a vintage trunk would fit your theme better or maybe a pouffe with a tray atop or maybe a simple shelf (did I also hear mini bar? Who said that?). Here are some ideas:

Bedside Tables - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly

1 : Natural and Blue Rattan Diabolo Side Table. 2 : Eton Silver Chinese Ceramic Stool. 3 : Rasputin Canvas Trunk. 4 : Antique Silver Embossed Chest of Drawers. 5 : Pink Hand Painted Tray. 6 : Mirrored Venetian Side Table. 7 : Pink and Cream Nirvana Indoor / Outdoor Pouffe.

5 – The armchair

Not so many bedrooms have them but very few boutique hotel bedrooms don’t have one, the armchair is your new essential! Giving a more put together and professional look, it is to be chosen carefully! It is such a vast subject that we already wrote a whole article about it so have a read of 7 Steps to choosing the perfect armchair or have a look at these options:

Armchairs - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

1 : Majesty Cream Linen Studded Armchair. 2 : Navy Blue Anna Chair. 3 : Riva Harvest Gold Retro Armchair. 4 : Cotton Dhurrie Nomad Armchair. 5 : Dorchester Powder Blue Armchair.

6 – The wall art

Have you ever seen a nice hotel bedroom without art? ‘course not! Like the UK without the rain, like the Queen without her Corgis, one doesn’t go without the other! Again we can only urge you to be creative here: flower paintings and New York skylines are just not ok, there are great and affordable art pieces out there and you don’t even need to look very far:

Wall Art - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

1 : Jeweled Terrain Art Print. 2 : Sandy Pink Canvas. 3 : Mingling Flamingo Painting Art Print. 4 : Color Migration Bird Painting Art Print. 5 : Flying Flamingos Painting Framed Print.

7 – The decorative accessories

The finishing touch, the cherry on top, the “cling” sound at the end of the washing liquid commercial, decorative accessories are the last thing to tackle but certainly not the least. Ornaments, vases or jewellery boxes can be both functional and pretty and will turn your bedroom into a picture-ready space!

Decorative Accessories - 7 Steps to a Boutique Hotel Style Bedroom - Hutsly Blog

1 : Large Natural Rattan Planet Mirror. 2 : Set of 4 Assorted Glass Vases. 3 : Black and Gold Photo Frame. 4 : Set of 3 House Tealight Holders. 5 : Hand-Embroidered 2 Drawers Jewellery Chest. 6 : Large Cream Horse Sculpture.

And voilà! Now do not disturb!

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