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As you may have noticed from our Instagram and Facebook pages, we have been busy trend-hunting in fabulous Paris for this year’s Design Week and now back in London we are feeling more inspired than ever, and wanted to share with you an insider view of what’s coming !

Follow the guide !

Day 1 : This year will be more poetic.

Installation by Japanese studio Teamlab

Floating orchids with vibrant colours gently moving up to the sound of ethereal music greeted the visitors at the entrance of the Maison & Objet trend show. We forgot all about the rush of the capital and suddenly everything seemed more poetic like this other installation featuring suspended water drops and cane lighting :

Spotted at the Sempre stand.

Even the big trends we have seen this year are getting a softening treatment. Take the ombré for instance that we love to see on textiles and decorative accessories ; we now see it in more pastel colours like on these cute little vases :

Nordal's ombré vases and cushions.

Is this the trend you would go for ? Then check out our Pastel Rainbow edit on Hutsly for soft and poetic accents.

Day 2 : Our favourites trends are here to stay.

Apparently we’re not quite ready to let some of our beloved trends go away just yet so we’re going to hold on to the Tropical and Bohemian trends a little longer but make them more NOW with a few changes :

Linen sofa from Van Thiel & Co, Pineapples from French brand Asiatides, installation by Sempre.

As seen above, the Tropical phenomenon is alive and kicking and just as extravagant as before but following on the poetic trend it has taken more neutral colours. Still hard to avoid the pineapples (and rightfuly so !) and the exotic wood furniture to go with it. Of course we still want some colour in there and green is still the prevailing colour of this trend but we are keeping the bright yellows and oranges too. And clearly you guys have been following this movement very closely as our Tropicool edit is one of your favourites so far on Hutsly !

Flower installation by Teamlab, furniture by Zenza.

We were also very happy to discover that Bohemian-inspired interiors and products were still going to be around for a while. Embodying our inner free spirit and fulfilling our sense of openness and escapism, Bohemian furniture and accents bring drama, freedom and romanticism to any room. However, it seems to be shifting from bright Gypsy-inspired pieces, to more Victorian conservatory style with extravagant rattan chairs and lots of greens and flowers.

And if you feel this is THE style for you, then head to our Bohemian Rhapsody edit on Hutsly.

Day 3 : Retro gets Luxe and Bright is Best.

This year, the Paris Design Week saw a much larger participation from Portuguese brands showing their upcoming collections and one amazing trend emerged from all of them, we have called it Retro Luxe and this is why :

Mandela portrait and vases from Kare Design, Furniture and ceramic artwork by Mambo Unlimited Ideas and blue vases by Pomax.

Using shapes from the 50s and 60s but with very modern materials and colours, the Retro Luxe trend is both cosy and relaxed yet extremely stylish. A LOT of ceramic is used which we will literaly always say yes to ! The retro side also comes from the patterns used on vases and other accessories and when all of this is paired with modern art, we say Hallelujah for Retro Luxe !

Want to shop this trend ? Our Retrologie edit has it all !

But one of our personal favourites this year : the Bright is Best trend. What it is : cheerful colours, playful accents and simple shapes. Something like this :

Vases and pots by Asiatides, rattan armchair by Versmissen, pixel wall art by Ixxi, stools and decorative accessories by Pols Potten.

No pastels allowed here ! Simply lots of colours just about everywhere : candlesticks get the technicolour treatment, pots and vases with classic patterns  are revisited in primary colours. And an important note : white or neutral backgrounds to make sure the colours really pop !

Day 4 : Primitive rules.

We have spoken about it before (see our Serengeti Hut edit) and were so thrilled to see that there are still a lot of brands crafting new collections around the Primitive style. Going back to our origins, this trend features wooden furniture and decor left raw, nothing is sleek or polished, no metals or plastic, only noble materials, a lot of handmade pieces for a truly different feel, humbling yet powerful, peaceful and mysterious.

Ornamental hats by Puylaert, furniture and decor by Atmosphere d'Ailleurs, black and white chair by Asiatides.

It was also very interesting to see a mix between the Primitive trend and the Tropical style in a South Pacific-inspired movement including exotic woods and neutral pieces as shown on the pictures below that reminded us of a Balinese retreat :

All but ladders by Sempre. Ladders : Pols Potten.

Day 5 : Give Life to your objects.

Beautifully designed interiors can look fantastic : luxurious materials, textured surfaces, colour-coordinated palettes, you can achieve whatever look you want ! But be careful of the glossy images that magazines sell you for they can be a little lifeless. Luckily there is a good trick to bring life to your space and we saw it in action at the Paris Design Week :

Ceramic and metal insect by Mambo Unlimited Ideas, dog benches by Fatboy, ceramic dog by Asiatides.

As you can see above, our much-loved animals can create points of distraction and break up the sleek lines of any modern interior. They’re quirky, playful, cute or just intriguing but they bring life and warmth to your home. And as well as animals, why not bring a little more of yourself in :

Left : Asiatides. Green and yellow vases by Pomax, stone sculpture by Sempre.

These « little humans » will definitely give a mood to your space and make you smile every time you see them !

So as you can see there are a lot of trends to watch out for this year and you just need to pick your favourite(s) and go for it ! We had so much fun discovering them in Paris and hope you enjoyed finding out about them here !

And let us know which one was your favourite in the comments !

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