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The infinitely talented, incredibly (and rightfully) successful and all-round admirable Interior Design genius Kelly Wearstler will, with one room, make you understand why what she does is an Art, not a job. We would go as far as to say that no one can manipulate colours and textures with as much brilliance and creativity as Kelly; and it might be true that “nothing is created, everything is transformed” but we challenge you to find anyone who can transform everything she touches with such natural ease and flawless results.

At the first sight of any of her projects, an overwhelming feeling of pure beauty will take your breath away. A heart-stopping moment that makes you wander if you could even handle to be surrounded by such heavenly things on a daily basis and still be able to leave your home. We, personally, don’t think we could.

"I experience my interiors as sculpture. I play with texture, scale and dimension to create a sense of drama. I want to tell a story.”

Kelly Wearstler.

Top row: Bellagio Residence. Middle row: Malibu Beach Residence. Bottom left: Doheny Residence. Bottom right: Jay Street Residence.

Of course we would never even dream of being able to replicate what has made her one of the best Interior Designers in the world but what we can do is watch, learn and apply. In that spirit, we have shaken ourselves out of wearstler-interiors-daydreaming and took a closer look at the hues, materials and textures our favourite American designer used in her work and come up with ways to use them at home. Here is the low-down:

1 - The sun-bleached colour palette:

Malibu Beach Residence

Described by Kelly’s studio as a home with a “castaway allure” and with a “sun-bleached color palette that is muted yet complex”, the Malibu Beach Residence heavily features sand tones, beiges and misty greys with touches of pinks. Calm and peace are the first things that come to mind with this palette, making it perfect for private rooms like the bedroom. Here are some pieces that can help you achieve that in your home:

1: Himalayan Salt Lamp. 2 : Cacao Coast Canvas. 3 : Stone-Washed Jute Rug. 4 : Green Gold Ceylon Marble Cushion. 5 : Gold Finula Geometric Cushion. 6 : Putty Anna Chair. 7 : Beige Stripe Cotton Throw. 8 : Sandstone Elephant Candlestick.

2 - Black and gold Luxe:

Evergreen Residence

Located on Mercer Island, Washington, the Evergreen Residence is “part Parisian jewel box, scholar’s retreat and natural wonder”. Our favourite room, the hallway is the summum of luxury with its patterned ceiling and flooring and its black and gold theme. This is how you can get the same look at home:

1: Black Wood Convex Porthole Mirror. 2 : Striped Brass Vase. 3 : Union Striped Cotton Rug. 4 : Karenni Black Soft Bull. 5 : Gold Gun Table Lamp. 6 : Black Arabian Nights Indoor/Outdoor Pouffe. 7 : Leather & Brass Vase.

3 - Texture Contrast:

Left : Viceroy Hotel, Anguilla. Right : Loft in Tribeca.

You may have noticed another common thread in Kelly’s designs: the contrasting natural textures used both in the architecture as well as on objects. Marble is the dominant material but also natural woods, antiqued mirrors and of course the jewel stones. Let’s have a look at what we can do with that in our own interiors:

1: Aqua Gold Ceylon Marble Cushion. 2 : Natural Teak and Hide Armchair. 3 : Antique Silver Mirrored Headboard. 4 : Wooden Display Ladder. 5 : Metal Grey Ceylon Marble Cushion. 6 : Jewelled Terrain Art Print. 7 : Bronze Glass Bowl.

Tell us which styles you prefer in the comments!

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