Top 10 DIY Christmas Gifts

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Feeling a little crafty this year ? Want to save some money on your Christmas shopping? DIY is your answer. I hear you already: “I have no arts and crafts still, I will glue my fingers together and the result will be ugly anyways!”. Well it doesn’t have to be! We have compiled a list of our favourite DIY projects for end results that are both easy to achieve and that we would actually like to receive as a present! Here goes:

1 – An Easy, Cheap, Lamp Shade project

One of the easiest projects on this list with very little materials needed, this very colourful lamp shade can be replicated in any colour and pattern you want! Your imagination is the only limit!

Full tutorial here: DIY Lamp Shade

2 – Wire Basket Side Table

Also a quick and easy project that will look just as good as any high end furniture store’s side table! Whilst the tutorial leaves the top white, we would love to see it with a colourful pattern!

Full tutorial here: Wire Side Table

3 – Pretty Moroccan-Inspired Pouffes

This project requires a little more time but the results are so beautiful that you might want to look into it! The great thing is that you can scale it up or down (we are thinking giant pouffe of course!) and change to whatever colour you want too!

Full tutorial here: Pretty Pouffes

4 – Gold Leaf Notebooks from scratch

Can you believe these luxurious-looking notebooks are made from scratch? They are deceptively easy to make and we know many girls who would love to receive these for Christmas!

Full tutorial here: Gold Leaf Notebooks

5 – Dip-Dyed Candles

A great way to make boring candles look extra trendy! These would be beautiful on a Christmas table right? Again you can choose any colour you want so there is some serious potential here!

Full tutorial here: Dip-Dyed Candles

6 – Pom Pom Wall Art

Just how sweet does this look! We have actually tried making pom poms ourselves and they are so quick and easy! We love the colour-coordinated ones on this wall hanging and again we’re thinking: can we scale this up and do a massive wall art piece? Yes we can!

Full tutorial here: Pom Pom Wall Hanging

7 – Flamingo Wall Hooks

A funny little project made from garden ornaments! What a great idea by Sam from blog Aww Sam! Just a few steps to make these and super-funky wall hooks as a result!

Full tutorial here: Flamingo Wall Hooks

8 – Clay and Wood Jewellery Boxes

Can you believe these pretty boxes are a DIY project? We are in love with the marble effect on the lids and the gold edge finish is fantastic too. Just a bit of wood and FIMO clay and you’re good to go!

Full tutorial here: Clay and Wood Jewellery Boxes

9 – Gold Leaf Paper Mâché Bowls

Blogger Kelli Murray gives us a step by step tutorial for making these gorgeous gold leaf and polka dots bowls to put your keys or jewellery or anything else you might want. Of course you can change the polka dot pattern to anything else, what about a chevron pattern for example?

Full tutorial here: Gold Leaf Paper Bowls

10 – Drum Pouffe

Think of the possibilities with this DIY project: make a matching pouffe for your sofa in the same fabric, make a patchwork with all those bits of spare fabric you have at home to make a colourful drum pouffe, have the pouffe you have always dreamt of in the exact colour and pattern you want!

Full tutorial here: Drum Pouffe

Did these DIY projects inspire you? What are you going to make? What are your favourites? Send us pictures of your creations and we will share them!

Happy DIY!

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