5 DIY Projects to brighten up basic furniture

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Group Shot - DIY Basic Furniture Update - Hutsly

At Hutsly, as you know, our aim is to help you make your homes more unique, more you, more fun! So today we have selected 5 DIY projects that will achieve exactly that! Using neutral furniture and basic supplies, you can easily transform simple pieces into pretty much anything you want! Let’s start:

1 – Cross Stitch a Cane Chair

Hutsly DIY Project - Furniture Update : Cross Stitch Chair

We absolutely love this fun project by Cintia from MyPoppet. Very quick easy to achieve, cheap and an instant improvement on any old cane furniture piece! The tutorial (available here) is about a cane chair but can of course be applied to anything else that has a similar grid structure so it’s not only for cane! Thing about a metal mesh chair, a rattan stool, a cane headboard, delegate that to your imagination, they’ll know what to do!

2 – Colourful Legs

Hutsly DIY Project - Colourful Furniture Legs

We all have a sofa, a chest of drawers, a stool or a desk with those basic wooden or metallic legs. There wasn’t much choice at the store and we needed it. Fair enough! How about we give those legs some oomph? It is such a simple idea you might feel guilty for not having thought about it before and it makes a huge change to your furniture and to your whole room! Paint them in any colour or combination of colours you want, with patterns, stripes, dots, ombré effects. We are not even going to give you a tutorial here, too simple! But think about one of these Hutsly pieces with updates legs:

Hutsly DIY Project - Colorful Legs Furniture Update - Chairs Suggestions

1 : Aqua Victoria Armchair.2 : Orange Anna Chair. 3 : Mink Lena Armchair.

3 – Furniture Hack: the Marble and Copper Accent Table

Hutsly DIY Project - Ikea Hack - Marble and Copper Table

A nice little tutorial by Kristi Murphy ( to make a marble effect and customize a basic tall side table into a small little wonder! So glamorous! The tutorial is available over here and Kristi even gives you other finishing ideas so you can make it in the colours and theme that suits your interiors.

4 – Updates Cabinets

Hutsly DIY Project - Cabinet Furniture Update

One step above the leg-painting: the cabinet overall. Not for the faint-hearted though of course you could choose mild colours and partial painting. There is, again, no limit to what can be done here so choose your pieces, colours and patterns carefully. Then all you need to do is tape, paint, let it dry and amaze yourself with the result.

5 – Yarn or Tape Covered Furniture

Hutsly DIY Project - Furniture Update Yarn and Tape

Just another way to introduce colour in your home, this project uses yarn to entirely cover a chair in a rainbow-like fashion. We might choose slightly less variations of colours but we can’t argue that the result looks fantastic! And we have also found this other tutorial, very similar but using colourful tape which you can find in any arts and crafts store. What good ideas! We would love to see it applied to one of these Hutsly pieces:

Hutsly DIY Project - Furniture Update - Chairs Suggestions

1 : Antique White Primitive Chair. 2 : Natural Teak and Hide Armchair. 3 : Distressed White Wooden Chair I.

Which was your favourite project? Don't forget to share your pictures with us if you tried any of them! You can do that through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@hutsly handle) pages. Happy DIY!

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