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Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect.

A Japanese philosophy turned Western trend, Wabi Sabi is centred on the idea of finding beauty in imperfection, accepting the cycle of life and living in modesty and authenticity.

Wabi Sabi Inspiration - Hutsly - Get the look

Derived from the Budhist teaching of the three marks of existence, Wabi Sabi demands absolute discipline and although effortless-looking, it is a difficult style to master in interior design. Luckily, the Dutch designer Axel Vervoordt has been studying this art in depth and teaching us about it in his book : Wabi Inspirations. Applying its principles in the projects he undertakes all over the world, Axel has been a key actor in the popularization of this aesthetic in Europe. Just take a look:

Axel Vervoordt The Greenwich Hotel Wabi Sabi - Hutsly

Axel Vervoordt - Penthouse at The Greenwich Hotel

Simple, minimalist, honest interiors featuring handcrafted furniture and objects. Experiencing a Wabi Sabi interior is experiencing humility and peace. To achieve this at home, start by removing any clutter, go for natural colours such as beige or brown, use materials such as wood, linen or clay and don’t go for anything too refined, remember that beauty is in imperfection.

Wabi Sabi Inspiration 2 - Hutsly - Get the look

And to get you started, we have compiled a list of some Wabi Sabi items you can get right here on Hutsly:

Wabi Sabi Inspiration - Hutsly - Get the look - Product ideas

1 : Jute and Hemp Basket. 2 : Bronze Ice Decorative Ball. 3 : Lou Lan Black Wardrobe. 4 : Overdyed Tapestry Rug. 5 : Vintage Wooden Bowl. 6 : Wooden Display Ladder. 7 : Green Gold Ceylon Marble Cushion. 8 : Orange Cotton Diamond Throw. 9 : Set of 2 Matt Pressed Glass Votives. 10 : Himalayan Salt Lamp. 11 : Distressed Cloud Vase.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and if you are trying this style at home, do send us some pictures of the results at and we will feature them on our social media pages!

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