House tour : Gwyneth Paltrow’s pristine NYC Apartment

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Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment - Hutsly

We can all dream once in a while and what better to do so than the luxury interiors of our favourite celebrities? But today we didn’t pick just any celebrity: Gwyneth is very passionate about interior design and even created her own lifestyle brand, Goop, so we know we’re looking at more than luxury, we’re looking at good design! Let’s see what ideas we can steal from her NYC flat, designed by Roman and Williams.

Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment Hallway - Hutsly

We’ll start in the hallway because duh! Though the pristine and eerie look is common to the whole apartment, there is something else to notice. In the hallway for example, impossible to miss the round table in the middle; its glossy black wood finish is in deep contrast with the rest of the room and it sure creates a dramatic effect! It’s an easy-to-replicate idea too so steal it!

Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment Living Room - Hutsly

In the beautiful living room, we find a principle we already discussed in our article “The 10 Biggest Interior Design mistakes”: a very large area rug. We tend to go for small ones but just look here how a large one brings the whole room together and sets the tone! And another great point of this room: look at how the wallpaper has been framed on the back wall, just behind the suspended bench. It is truly like a work of art and highlights the focal point, genius!

Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment Living Room Bench - Hutsly

Talk about a focal point! Having this sort of wondrous pieces of furniture or art in a room is absolutely essential. It is often difficult to dare, and take that step but you will not regret it! The idea is not to go crazy but to have something that will truly breathe life into your room, a touch of “eccentricity” but make sure it is not so out there that you will get bored of it quickly. This suspended bench for example is a great focal point but it comes in a muted palette that still blends in with the scheme and that’s the way to do it!

Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment Kitchen - Hutsly

Would kill for this kitchen! It is the proof that monochrome doesn’t have to be bland. By adding different textures, you are lifting up the room and bringing interest. Both the counter top and the kitchen island hood are made of white marbles but while the first one is in a block, the latter is in rectangular tiles; another great idea by Roman and Williams!

Gwyneth Paltrow NYC Apartment Kitchen Cabinet - Hutsly

We are still in the kitchen and we are finding again this idea of deep contrast that we had in the hallway, but this time with an added element: notice the almost rustic finish of the metal? It is why this cabinet really pops out, not just the colour, but also the contrast of style: a raw and industrial finish paired with sleek glass and luxury marble tiles in the background, a subtle but impactful touch!

Lots of great ideas from this apartment! We hope you liked this article and don’t forget to share it!

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