The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes

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...And how to avoid them!

1) Having no focal point, or more than one

The 10 biggest interior design mistakes - Hutsly

It’s an easy mistake to make but not having a focal point in your room will make it feel like it’s missing something. The focal point, be it a fireplace, large artwork or an unusual piece of furniture, gives your eyes some direction: it tells them where to look and how to read the room, hence creating a sense of balance and completeness. Equally, having more than one focal point is like not having one as it confuses our minds and we are not sure just where to look. Look at the above space for a great example of a focal point done right!

2)Having only one light source

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

Seasons change, times change, your mood changes; so a one-light-fits-all-circumstances just won’t do! You need your room to adapt and having different lights is one way to do so. It will help you create different moods as you need: when the ceiling fixture feels a bit too bright, turn on the table or floor lamps to enjoy a more peaceful environment for example. It’s also a great way to experience your room differently rather than always see it “in the same light” so to speak!

3) Pushing furniture against the wall

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

It’s our instinctive save-some-space solution but counter-intuitively, you might be doing the opposite! Interior Designer Besty Burnham says it drives her and her peers crazy as “it really doesn’t save or create more space!”. The push-it-against-the-wall look is not a good look and makes us focus on the lack of space, hence creating that feeling that you have a small room. Who would have thought!

4) Going for cheap

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

We’ve all done it: buying lots of inexpensive accents and furniture pieces, one at a time, slowly filling up our room with...stuff! Buying an investment piece instead is not just a great design decision, it’s also a better financial one! You will probably spend just as much on lots of cheap things as you will on one more expensive one but for the same price you have a big impact piece, which you can design your room around, and when you become bored of it, it also has a resell value so you can invest towards your next piece!

5) Focusing too much on accessories

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

It goes with the previous point though it is regardless of price: having too many decorative accessories and accents in your room is the best way to make it feel like a big mess! It brings us back to being able to read your room easily and get a feeling of balance. And it doesn’t mean being minimalist but “slightly less” is a lot more should be your motto. It is also very unlikely that you will have a coherent decor when piling on items you have gathered over the years so it might be time for the big de-cluttering. You’ll thank us if you’re the one cleaning too...

6) Following trends

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

When we say “Your Hut, Your Rules” at Hutsly, we mean it! Though it might be easier to follow mainstream trends, it will only give you “been there, done that” interiors. The beauty of well-designed spaces lies in their big personality so ask yourself: how will I make my room a reflection of who I am and what I love? Choose pieces that you absolutely adore, regardless of trends, make no compromise and create a truly personal space!

7) Unwillingly keeping the unwanted

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

There is a ton of objects and furniture pieces we keep just because: that cupboard you inherited from your grandma, that vase your friends offered you and (dare I say it?) the kids (definitely) handmade gifts. But do they fit in? Does it make sense to have them? Did you choose them? No. It’s sometimes hard to do but beautiful interiors are not filled with unwanted things, they are always carefully planned and curated so make decisions!

8) Not playing on scale and shapes

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

A small sofa + a small table + a small lamp = a small idea. Consistency is not always a good thing! Playing on the scale of your furnishings is a great way to add some interest to your room. Think of it as a cityscape: with varying heights and shapes. Because shapes are very important too: look at how the curves interact with the straight lines, look at the distribution of each, is your room more curvy or more angular? Different shapes will bring interest too so not something to be overlooked!

9) The wrong size rug

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

Do you know what rugs are for? Apart from being very pretty of course! They help define areas in your space. Yet we see much too often small rugs being used instead of generously sized area rugs. Why oh why? With a small rug you are giving the feeling that the area is small. Take the sitting area in your living room for example : a rug that covers a small area just about bigger than your coffee table is a mistake, it should go well beyond that, up to the back of the sofas and armchairs that mark the limit of this part of your room.

10) Dark furniture in small spaces

The 10 biggest Interior Design mistakes - Hutsly

Small spaces are notoriously difficult to design and the biggest challenge is to try to make it look larger than it is. Dark furniture is not the way to do this! Dark wood, black or dark grey furniture, often part of the neutral pieces we love to use for “safety” will bring too much attention to them and visually absorb the space around them. Focus instead on pastels and whites, it’s a great visual trick!

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