Interior Design by Anthony Grosbois

Interior Design by Anthony Grosbois | Hutsly

It's for you if:

- You are ready to finally get somewhere with your interiors!

- You want your interiors to be more YOU, more practical, more stylish!

- You want professional interior design advice for less.

The solution:

Sometimes you are stuck when it comes to the design of your interiors. You have no idea where to start, you may feel you are not creative enough or you simply want to step up your home's game and get professional advice. 

Enters the Hutsly Interior Design Advice service by Anthony Grosbois, Interior Designer and Founder of Hutsly.

Please note that this service is purely advisory: you are welcome to follow (or not) Anthony's detailed guidance and put the plan into action in your preferred way, or change whichever part you are not particularly convinced by, it's entirely up to you (it is your home after all!).

Interior Design on Hutsly by Anthony Grosbois

What you get:

At reception of your room pictures and brief (we will guide you through this don't worry!), we will send you a 7-8 pages PDF containing all of Anthony's advice:

Inspiration images: to make it easy to understand the style we are aiming for.


A floor plan: to know where everything goes! This is a vital part and is done before the creative part so we are sure your room is practical first! Some explanations will accompany this.


A moodboard: this is the exciting part! It will allow you to understand in one page the whole design of the room and will include the palette of colours, patterns and textures combined with either the floor plan or drawing(s) of your room to help you visualize the end result. Here are a few examples:

Interior design by Anthony GrosboisInterior design by Anthony Grosbois

Interior design by Anthony GrosboisInterior design by Anthony Grosbois


Anthony's thought process: how and why he got to this specific design and why it will work for you.


A shopping list: so you know the exact references of those paint or wallpaper swatches and have the links to the furniture or accessories seen in the moodboard.


The budget: an estimation of how much you may need to spend on each part of the re-design process, from paint to furnishings.


Additional references (optional): if needed some links to useful resources or tutorials you may need in your revamp process.

AND if you are not pleased with Anthony's original design, get up to 2 re-works so he can take another look at the parts you are not so sure about.

AND enjoy 10% off everything on Hutsly throughout your whole re-design!

Interior Design on Hutsly by Anthony Grosbois

The price

We have 3 different options as part of our launch offer, only available until the end of February!

1 room : £199 instead of £299 (save £100)

2 rooms: £349 instead of £499 (save £150)

3 rooms: £499 instead of £699 (save £200)

For bigger projects, special requirements or 1-one-1 meetings, please contact Anthony directly at

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Interior Design by Anthony Grosbois - Hutsly
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